Manage Your Windows Desktop with DeskAngel


DeskAngel is a free and portable tool for Desktop management that provides some enhanced features for Desktop management. It comes with 18 features out of which 16 are working on all supported Windows Operating system while 2 are exclusively for Windows 2000 users.

Some of the features that it provides are

  • Make a Window transparent with Ctrl+Alt+Scroll Wheel

  • Capture a Screen Range to file and copy the file path to clipboard

  • Edge Snap is like ‘Aero Snap’ in Windows 7 which makes Windows snapped at the edges of the screen

  • Maximize and restore windows under cursor after click the wheel button of the mouse

The application can be configured by modifying the ini file or you can make it quietly run in the background. All the features can be seen from the system tray.

The program works in Windows 2000,XP and Vista.

One Comment

  1. Interesting. I wonder how heavily this program depends on system resources. Then again, if it’s portable then it probably runs pretty light. Like I said in another comment, I’m a big fan of anything which can be used to customize a desktop.