Configure Windows Right Click Menu With FileMenu Tools


The Right Click Menu helps us a lot in doing our work faster. However, there are things that we would like to add to it and things that we would like to remove from it. FileMenu Tools is a free software using which you can add a lot of commands to the right click context menu and customize it according to your choice.

You can customize it by inserting separators or sub menus. It comes with its own set of commands that you can add which include

  • Synchronize Folders
  • Extended Delete to delete specific file types from a folder
  • Find and Replace in selected file
  • Advanced Renamer
  • Change Icon
  • Run With Arguments
  • Copy Path
  • Shred File
  • Split File
  • Join File
  • Copy To
  • lots more

If that is not enough, you can create your very own commands to perform some specific tasks like running a program or copying to a selected destination. The interface is simple and easy to use and you can do everything with just a few clicks. You can even modify the ‘Send To’ menu if you want.

This is one of the best and useful programs that I have come across. If you use the Right Click menu, you are going to love this. It runs in all the version of Windows and is a freeware.