Avoid Fake Torrents with Vertor

Vertor Most of use torrents for downloading a lot of stuff. But Torrents also contain a lot of spam these days. Many of the torrents turn out to be fake and some may even contain spywares or other malwares. Most of the time, we are not sure what are we downloading.  Vertor, which is short for ‘Verified Torrents’ is a web service that is designed to help us from such situations.

Vertor 1

The site checks torrents from a lot of popular sites such as Demonoid, Piratebay and other. The site downloads the files and actually checks it for viruses or other password protected things. For every video torrent, the site extracts screenshots that you can see to confirm that it is actually the real thing. If the screenshot is not visible, it is due to the face that torrent is fake. For music torrents, a 20 second preview clip is provided from which you can verify. For archives, list of file names is provided. If a torrent is found to be fake, it is removed from there database.

The site also checks torrents with antivirus software. The only downside to this thing is that it takes time and new torrents might take a day or two to appear. The service has a lot of potential because many users are not aware about how to spot the fake stuff.

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  1. Shoaib2k2 says:

    A good most needed this tool as i use torrents alot