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Securely Delete the Contents of Hard Drive with Hard Drive Eraser

When you format a hard drive, all the files that are deleted still exists and they can easily be recovered using any commercial recovery software. If you are planning to give your hard drive to somebody, then you won’t want anyone to recover your personal data. Hard Drive Eraser is a free windows software that […]

Manage Passwords with Efficient Password Manager

Efficient Password Manager is a free tool which helps you in organizing and storing all your passwords in a single location. You just have to remember a single master password instead of remembering all the passwords of different sites. The program comes with built in templates of emails passwords, FTP passwords etc. Apart from that, […]

Cobian Backup – Multithreaded Backup Application

Cobian Backup is a multithreaded backup application that can be used to schedule and backup files from one location to another. You can also backup files manually or you can use this utility to backup files and directories on a schedule you choose.

Convert Images and Create Montages with John’s Image Converter

John’s image converter is a free software that you can use to convert images between different formats like JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNG formats. Apart from that it also offers several function like resizing photos and creating montages.

Tag Your Files with Keywords with TaggedFrog

TaggedFrog is a free program that allows you to tag files, documents, URLs on your hard disks using keywords. This way all your files can be better organized and it will be easier to find them. There are a lot of software which allow you to tag your images but this one allows you to […]