December 08 stats

Sorry for being a little late in posting my Blog Stats for the month of December. It was another satisfactory month for me.

Traffic Stats

Traffic was a bit low as compared to last month mainly during the festive period.

Unique Visitors: 59632

Pageviews: 102284


Most of the traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon.

Popular Posts

The posting frequency was a bit down last month and I was away on a trip for almost three weeks. Here are a few popular posts from last month


Around $600. Main source was Adsense followed by Infolinks and other things.

The feedreader count was 997 and I am eager to cross the 1K mark in the coming month. So, how was the last month for you ?


  1. Steve Yu says:

    Keep up the great work, madhur!

  2. Thanks for the wishes guys

  3. brooks says:

    That is simply excellent. I hope this continues in the future. Happy New Year.

  4. Dunk says:

    Good to see your progessing well. Congrats

  5. zalds says:

    nice amount $ you have pulled out online.

  6. hami says:

    oh great, i was missing your posts. For me and my blog we growing fastly on the internet. I am getting a increases in my visitors daily.

    Intrestingly, my blog is add free and my visitors are happy about it ..

    I love the feedback from my visitors.