Capture Website Screenshots with SiteShoter


We have discussed about several software’s for taking website screenshots before and SiteShoter is another one that can be added to the list. It is a small program that can be used to take screenshots of any website by just entering the URL of the page and selecting some options.

It uses Internet Explorer to open the webpage. It loads the URL in an invisible Internet Explorer window and then saves it as an image file like jpeg, png etc. You can also specify the height and width of the screenshot or you can also crop it. IF you want, you can also disable flash and javascript. You can also resize the output to some percentage of the original.

The program doesn’t offer anything new as compared to other tools which we have reviewed earlier. The interface is simple and you can also use it with command line.

One Comment

  1. At least this program sounds better than another service I tried where there was a considerable lag. I set it up, and then waited, and then got tired of waiting for the screenshot. Then again, that service was web based.