Launch Several Application with a Single Click with Lacuna Launcher

There are a few application which I always start after booting my Computer. The applications include messengers, web browser, feed reader. I could place most of them on Startup but I don’t want my Startup time to suffer. Most of us would have a few application that they open everyday after starting the Computer. Lacuna Launcher is a free application that allows you to open a group of application by just clicking a single shortcut.

You can specify all the files that you wish to open by writing there path on a text file called ‘list.txt’ which comes with the software. You can add files, exe files, application, URL that you wish to open. You can place as many as you like placing them on a single line. For opening them, just double click ‘ll.exe’ file and the applications will be opened one after the other in the same order. Using the command line parameters, you can control the delay and timing of the launches and can include a small break after each launch. You can use it to create a lot of lists for multiple tasks. Like a list of programming will open the Visual IDE, your ebook etc.

It is a great utility which can help you. It is a freeware and works in Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP.


  1. stratosg says:

    wouldn’t it be the same to create a small .bat file with all the paths there? i’m just asking…

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  3. Nihar says:

    I can remember some years back. I used to create a .bat files with list of websites i want to open and use to use that batch file in internet cafe to launch them.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. @stratos

    Yes it can also be done with a .bat file

  5. brooks says:

    Wow Lacuna Launcher is indeed great – opening all the applications with a single click is a sheer pleasure.

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