Manage Drives with Drive Manager

Drive Manager

Drive Manager is a small and useful software that makes managing all your disk drives a lot easier. If you have lot of drives connected to your computer including USB drives, network drives, CD/DVD drives, then managing them is quite tough. Drive Manager provides all the drive information in a single place thereby making it much easier to find information about a drive.

It displays Label, Type, Size, Used Space, Available Space, Format etc information for each drive. All the information gets automatically refreshed after 20 seconds. It also has a Disk Info and SMART feature which displays lot of information about the selected drive. You can also open a drive in Windows Explorer just by double clicking on it. You can even use it to hide certain drives in the Explorer or you can assign a drive letter to a local folder. You can even Lock/Unlock DVD drives using it.

The application is portable and needs no installation. A very useful software which will help you manage your drives easily. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.