Recover Files from Damaged/Corrupted CD/DVD/Blu Ray Disks with CD Recovery Toolbox


CD/DVDs are the most common medium that are being used to store data today. If we have a large collection of CD/DVDs, then over the course of time and usage, they may get damaged due to scratches or other problems. CD Recovery Toolbox is a free tool that can be used to recover data from scratched, damaged and corrupted CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu Ray Disks.

Sometimes, the computer is unable to read disks that are too much damaged. This software can be used to recover data that is undamaged. It cant recover all the files but it can recover the files that it is able to read. It shows a list of files and folder that it can recover and we can select which files that we want. Recovery might take some time and some files wont be recovered. It recovers the maximum amount of information in the damaged file. It can even recover large files which are even greater than 4 GB. Its interface is simple and a wizard guides us through the steps.

It is a very useful application for many of us as we store most of the data on Discs. It works on all the version of Windows.


  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    I have tried many such tools in the past including ISOBuster. I will try this when struck with such problem next time…

  2. Wow, I wish I had known about that before I threw out a bunch of bad data discs that I had found recently. 🙂

    ~ Kristi