Shutdown Network Machines with DShutdown


DShutdown is a small and standalone program that can be used perform computer shutdown on one or more network machines or local machines. The program offers several options which can be used. Apart from Shutdown, it also supports log off, reboot, standby, hibernate, power off and many more. It works as Client/Server and you will have to run a specific file in the remote machines.

You can use it to schedule shutdown after a certain timer, at the end of a program, when cpu usage is high and many things. You can also schedule a shutdown is your download completed which can be noticed by Internet activity going below a certain level. It can also get the list of remote PCs and then you can use it to shutdown all of them instantly. It can also intercept a shutdown request on a network and use it along with the tool’s feature.

It is a great utility that you will find useful if you are working or managing a network environment. It is very small in size and supports all the version of Windows.