Manage System Security with ATool

Atool 1

ATool is a free and advanced security tool for your Computer. It has got many features using which you can keep your PC secure from unwanted programs. It has got a lot of small and useful utilities combined into a single application.


All the utilities are categorized under ‘Basic Tools’, ‘Advanced Tools’, ‘Information’, ‘File Manager’ and ‘Registry Manager’. The ‘Basic Tools’ contain a lot of useful utilities like an Autorun Manager which is like a startup manager. A task and process manager is also present which shows you the processes that are running. You can even terminate a process from the application. It also provides all the drivers information while the port manager also lists all the applications and the ports which they are using. Advanced Tools include tools such as Kernal Module, SSDT, FSD etc. The Information tab shows information about the list of shared folders, user accounts etc. You can even unshare a folder using this. The file manager allows you to view information about the files and directories while you can modify your registry using the Registry manager. All these utilities also come with a lot of options which you can use.

The program’s interface may require some tweaking and you might notice a few bugs but the utilities it provides are quite useful. It is a freeware and requires no installation. Just unzip and run it. It works in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.