Organize Your Photos with Pictomio – Super Cool Image Viewer


Pictomio is a free image manage and browser which can be used for organizing photos on a computer. Apart from all its features, it has a a slick, modern interface which is full of eye candy and that makes browsing of images more fun.


The best feature about the program is the user interface which is filled with lot of special effects but it comes with a price. This software requires a Shader Model 2.0 graphics card and around 1GB RAM. So a user with a low config system may not like it but if you have a powerful system, it is worth checking out. The interface is super cool and you can navigate photos easily. You can browse images as thumbnails, single image, film strips or carousal browsing. It also serves best as an image organizer. You can rate images, classify them as favorites, give them user defined categories, create an album. It can also filter your images based on the dates, orientation or you can also maintain a shortlist of the images with which you want to work.


The program is not an image editor and doesn’t offer much functions other than zoom, rotation, editing of metdata and EXIF data. You can also use it to create a slideshow of your images. Just select the images, duration and effects and the slideshow is ready. The program also offers Geotagging features. If you have taken any images from GPS capable phone, the images can be imported and they will displayed accordingly on a map and globe. Images can also be geo referenced manually. I have also noticed that it also supports audio and video files but that is a secondary feature based on the image viewing features.

Pictomio is one of the coolest image viewers which you will come across. Its interface is terrific but its high system requirements and high memory consumption can be a hurdle. But if you have the resources, do check it out. You will love it on the first look. It works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

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  1. Does it do anything that Picasa doesn’t? It looks really cool but I’m happy with Picasa and can upload from it to web albums and to flickr (with an add-on).