Securely Delete the Contents of Hard Drive with Hard Drive Eraser


When you format a hard drive, all the files that are deleted still exists and they can easily be recovered using any commercial recovery software. If you are planning to give your hard drive to somebody, then you won’t want anyone to recover your personal data. Hard Drive Eraser is a free windows software that can be used to permanently delete data from the hard drives.

It securely deletes the data by filling the magnetic surface multiple time with useless binary data so it becomes impossible to recover it using any recovery software. The process is slow than the default formatting but it ensures that your data cannot be recovered once erased. Its usage is very simple. Select the partition or the drive you wish to erase, choose a shredding scheme and file system, and click on Start to begin the drive erasing. You can also select multiple partitions but it should not be a system partition.

It is a freeware and works on Windows XP and Windows Vista. A nice and small tool to securely clean your hard drive.


  1. Nihar says:

    Instead of using the software. There is one omre way. make the drive full by copying data on it. As new data is copied, the old data is vanished. To make sure everything is erased. Fill up the whole drive.

  2. Thanks for this cool app bro, this was the tool i was searching all over, atlast I got it, thanks

  3. Syahid A says:

    @Nihar: Cool too! But I can’t imagine filling up a hard drive. Erasing is much faster imho.

  4. Pavan Kumar says:

    I was using some forensic erasing tool for such purpose three years back to erase my floppy disks – ETFORMAT. etformat supports rewritable optical disks and hdd too…

  5. Pavan Kumar says:

    @ Nihar

    Seems you have lot of time for that 😉

  6. brooks says:

    Hard drive eraser application really seems to be a very useful one.