January 09 Stats

Here are my Blog stats for the month of January

Traffic Stats

I was not able to devote much time on the blog sue to other committments and there was a slight decline in traffic.

Unique Visitors: 54658

Pageviews: 95652

Google was the main source of traffic this time.

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Around $580. Mostly from Adsense, Infolinks and Burst Network.

The feed count of the blog crossed the thousand mark and it was at 1064. How has this month been for you?


  1. Nihar says:

    Congratulations Madhur,

    Can you check my stats at http://www.niharsworld.com/2009/02/04/january-2009-blog-traffic-income-statistics/

    I would like you to give me some tips. I have got 1 and half times your pageviews than your blog. But, my adsense earnings is : 208.68$

    Can you give some tips and advice.

  2. Thanks for the wishes everyone.

    I would love to do a post for you.

    Congrats to you as well. Good to know you are doing well too.

    I have left a comment

  3. Rockstar Sid says:

    Hey, kinda very late to throw in a comment here but most of the time I see stats on the 1st of every month.. so missed this time!

    Anyway congratulations on the traffic as well as earnings 🙂 January month was kinda OK for me too.. hope we all do well on feb..

    Once again congrats buddy 😉

  4. Hey dude..congrats…
    For me adsense and infolinks , affiliate marketing are doing great…
    Though right now my target is building more of feed subscriber because that will always help me in long run…