Manage Frequently Used Text Phrases with PhraseExpress


If you do a lot of typing, then there are certain phrases that you must be repeating everyday again and again. A program that auto inserts phrases when you type an abbreviation or hit a hotkey will be very helpful. PhraseExpress is an application which you can use to manage your commonly used phrases and insert them into any application quickly.

You can organize your phrases into different categories and can quickly insert it anywhere just by a simple click. It can also expand abbreviation into complete phrases, for example, you can type ‘sig’ and it will insert your signature. Using it you can create some common templates and can insert them quickly anywhere like word, blog tool, email etc. It can also recognize repetitive auto text and can complete them on the fly. It also comes with a spell checker and a clipboard manager which can save a lot of items. Since it supports hotkeys, it can also act like a program launcher. You can use it to create email templates or signatures which can then be inserted quickly while sending an email.

It is a very useful application and it resource usage is around 11MB. With all its features, you will love it. It is free for personal use. It works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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  1. Neosix says:

    Nice tool, I’ve just installed it and it’s fun…