Safely Optimize Windows Vista with Vista Services Optimizer


There are a lot of services that are running in background in Windows Vista which you actually don’t need. These can slow down the system as well as increase the boot up time.Vista Services Optimizer is a free software which will help you fix such problems by analyzing your system and turning off the services that you don’t need.

You can choose to perform an automatic tune up or use a manual tune up which lets you select from a more detailed list of features. You have to click on Services Diagnostics to start. It will then ask you whether you are connected to a network, you use a third party antivirus or firewall, you use a digital camera etc. Then it will analyze the services running in the background and give you a report that tells you which services you can safely turn off. You can them turn off those services manually or let the program turn them off instantly. You can also save your optimizations in a service profile. The smart rescue center lets you undo the changes that you have made to your system. It also displays you CPU and memory usage.

The program doesn’t require you to know any technical information. It is quite useful if you want to get rid of those unwanted services. It works on Windows Vista and requires .Net Framework to run.

One Comment

  1. Yes one can control the services on vista by using this but take precautions before using advance options. Do that only if you are having some level of experience. One more thing, Create a restore point before installing this application, this will help you in taking backup.