Search Files on Your Computer Instantly with neoSearch


The default search provided by Windows XP and Vista are not up to the standard that we would like. neoSearch is a Desktop search tool which using which you can search for your files instantly on the computer. Unlike other similar software’s, its indexing is very fast and it doesn’t slow down the system.

On the first run, it will ask to index your system and indexing is very fast. It uses some advanced algorithms which makes indexing very fast. On my 240 GB hard disk, indexing took around 3 minutes and didn’t effect the system performance. After the indexing , searching happens in the blink of an eye. Just type a few letters in the search box and it will start displaying results instantly. Results will also change dynamically as you change your letters. You can get the detailed results by hitting the enter key. You can configure the program to include or exclude drives that you want to index or configure the way the files are indexed. You can schedule indexing to happen manually, daily, weekly etc. The interface of the program is very simple and looks elegant as well. It also supports navigation along with wild cards.

The program takes around 1.5 Mb of RAM on running. A great program which can make those long searching time, a thing of the past. I recommend it to everyone. It works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.


  1. I’m using launchy for this purpose. But considering the less ram usage, i think i should try this one now.

  2. Hey, I tried this tool and found really cool. I also recommend this to everyone.

  3. Rishi says:

    As indexing in Windows has always been an issue with performance, this tool proves to be useful. Plus you get live search in XP, that’s a better advantage.

    Thanks for the share buddy.