Backup Your Firefox Extension with FEBE

febe6-100x100 If you use Firefox, then you must be using a lot of extension with it. You would like those extension to be available with you anywhere you work which can be your office PC or any other PC. Firefox Environment Backup Extension or FEBE is a Firefox addon which allows you to quickly take a backup of your Firefox extensions. It can also backup your themes, bookmarks, cookies or almost anything that Firefox offers, it can even backup and restore your whole profile.

All your extensions, themes etc are saved to a folder which you can just take along with you wherever you go. You can maintain multiple backup sets in folders named by Date stamps. You can even schedule it to perform backup automatically on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can also remind you if a backup has not been done in the specified number of days. Restoration can easily be done from the program menu.

It is one of the must have Firefox extensions for anybody. It will save you a lot of time if you shift to a new computer or format your machine and reinstall Firefox. FEBE 6.0 is for Firefox 3.0 and above while FEBE 5.0 is for Firefox 2.0

One Comment

  1. That is very useful. I often want Firefox at work to be setup just like at home. I usually just copy over my entire profile.