Customize Context menu with MMM Free


Almost every software that you install these days seems to add something to the Right click Context Menu. After a while, the context menu will become cluttered with a long list of items and you wont be using most of them. MMM Free is a free utility which allows you to configure and customize the context menu to suit your needs.

It lets you remove a lot of unwanted items from the context menu. You can even group your recently used items within a sub menu or organize them within categories so that all the things can be easily accessible. The program is easy to use and offers drag and drop interface to add and remove items. It also works with Open/Save dialogs in many programs, works with Menu Bar in most programs including Internet Explorer, Outlook etc. You can configure the menus in each program individually.

The program works with Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is very small in size.


  1. This is interesting, now one can play with the menu styles.

  2. stratosg says:

    this is nice indeed. i’ll take a look cause some context menus are huuuuge 🙂