Manage Desktop Icons with Iconoid


Iconoid is a free application using which you can control the arrangement and appearance of your desktop appearance. You can change the color of the icon text and background and make them transparent so that they can blend with the background picture. You can even hide/unhide icons dynamically.

It can even save your icon’s arrangement for easy restoration. This ensure that you can get your icon arrangement if something like resolution change etc messes it up. It comes with a lot of options that can be customized. It runs as a small icon in taskbar from where you can customize it. It can make your icons disappear and make the re-appear when you click on a random spot in desktop. This ensures that you see the icons when you want them. There is a always hide feature which will always hide your icons and they will be only accessible when you click on the desktop and they will hide again after 1-60 seconds as you select. There is an ‘Icon Dance’ feature which makes icons move across the screen randomly. There are a lot of options that you can use.

It is a nice little application which I recommend to everyone. It works on almost all the version of Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

One Comment

  1. Nice tool but Vista and latest Mac is having really nice icons. Anyway, people always go for some change and that’s where these tools play a vital role.