Visual CD – Disk Cataloging Tool

Visual CD

Visual CD is a disk cataloging tool that indexes data CDs, floppy disks, hard drives and even folders. One of the problems today is finding out what we need in a computer or a CD/DVD collection. Indexing the data on a CD/DVD is extremely useful as the search becomes super fast and you get all the details in a small amount of time. Visual CD is a free tool that indexes the data and allows you to find something that you are looking for quickly. You only then have to worry about locating the disc in the collection but that is something which you can organize properly.

Once indexed, you can search for files and folders without having the disc in the drive. The interface is plain and simple and easy to use. It can index hard disk, CDs, DVDs, floppy discs, ZIP, CAB or RAR archive format. The tabbed interface allow the users to view the folders of a catalog, search the catalog or view the favorite catalog. Each catalog contains files that are indexed from a single location. It has a powerful search feature that lets you search across multiple catalogs. As your files changed, you will have to update the catalog but the operation is very short and at the end, you can see what files have changed or are modified. Each catalog can be protected by a different password. It also offers some advanced features like file renaming, file splitting, extraction of zip, rar, cab archive, duplicate file finder, thumbnail maker or copying a CD to a new location.

The software is worth trying out. It is a freeware and runs on almost all the version of Windows.

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