Recover Deleted Files with DiskDigger


We have talked about several free utilities that allows you to recover deleted files from hard disks and other media. DiskDigger is another free utility for recovering deleted or formatted files from any storage media including hard disks, USB disks, memory cards. The type of files it recovers includes photos, videos, documents, music etc.

If you have deleted any files from USB or memory card by accident, you can use this utility to restore it or you just want to view the previous contents of a reformatted hard disk. It brute-forces its way through the media, scanning it thoroughly for any trace of files that can be recovered. Most of the files found by DiskDigger can be previewed before saving them to the disk. It bypasses the file system and reads raw data chunks to recover data. Since it bypasses the file system, it will also detect files that haven’t been deleted and if the files have been fragmented, it can recover some of the fragments. You can also limit the search to certain types of file and specify the sector range of the disk to scan. If the disk size is large, it will take a lot of time.

The program is useful if you want to recover something from USB disk or memory card which you deleted by accident. It can produce some decent result in most of the cases.


  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve used DiskDigger before, and it worked well enough. But Advanced File Recovery arguably works the best and it costs for about $40. I downloaded a trial version for free. I like that I can work directly with different media types: hard drives, memory sticks, digital camera memory cards and others.

  2. Buy PSP Go says:

    This looks good but also a little scary – now I know why we’re always told to completely destroy any old storage devices at work.