Make the Firefox Awesome Bar more Awesome with UrlbarExt

UrlbarExt There are a lot of Firefox extensions which makes Firefox more useful and productive. Firefox 3.0 has an “awesome” bar which has a lot of features but you can add more features to it by using UrlbarExt. This extension add 7 buttons to the awesome bar which lets you perform a variety of useful tasks quickly and with a few clicks.


The add-on adds 7 icons to the right side of the bar. The function they perform are

  • You can go up one level or directly to the root of the current site by double click while right click allows you to choose the levels.
  • Copy the current URL to the clipboard quickly
  • Shorten the URL using TinyURL or other similar service. Right click will provide you more options to email or send the link to twitter.
  • Search the current site using Google for certain keywords which you can define
  • Tag the current page which makes it easier to find in the future
  • Navigate through sequential URLs
  • Surf Anonymously using online proxy servers and unblock filtered websites.

You can hide any service or icon that you don’t need using the settings menu. You can also customize a lot of things.

This is one extension of Firefox which everyone is going to love. Give it try, it will save you a lot of time.