Defrag Your Files with Defraggler


If you use the Windows built in Disk Defragmentation tool to defragment your hard drive, you will notice that it is quite slow and will take a long time to defrag the drive. There are other utilities available in the market but they allow you to defragment the whole drive or selected partitions. Defraggler is a free software that allows you to defragment selected files and folders or drives.

You can quickly defragment the files and folders you want without having to defragment the whole drive thereby saving a lot of time. The interface is simple and similar to Windows Defragment. It will analyze the disk and shows you the several phases of the fragment discovery. If you want to defragment the whole drive, you can also do it. After initial analysis, it will list the fragmented files on the disk and you will able to highlight there position the disk.

The program is also portable and can be run for the USB drive. It is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.