Monitor Files and Folder Modification with File Alert Monitor


If your Computer is used by many people, you would want to keep track of all the files that are created, changed or modified in a particular folder. If there is a shared folder that is shared among your friends, you would like to track all the changes that takes place in it. File Alert Monitor is a free utility that allows you to keep track of file changes in a particular folder.

You can select the folders that you want to monitor and you will receive alerts whenever a new file gets updated or created there. You will receive a pop up box which indicates what has happened. by default, only .WAV files are monitored so you will have to configure it for other file types. It also maintains a log of all the files that are created, changed or deleted in the folder.

It is a freeware and very small in size. It works on almost all the version of Windows.

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  1. Sunil says:

    I like to try this option for one of my folder.
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