Get Rid Of Unwanted Files Permanently with Freeraser


If you have some personal or sensitive information on your Computer, a simple delete is not enough to get rid of it as it can be easily be retrieved by some file recovery software. So if you want to get rid of some data permanently, you will need a file shredder. Freeraser is a file shredder that enables you to delete the sensitive data permanently using a complicated procedure of filling the actual content with random data.

The program can function on three levels to delete the data. They are

  • A fast destruction which does standard one round filling of random data
  • A forced destruction which offers three rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M standard.
  • Ultimate destruction which offers 35 rounds of filling the data.

Users can choose which methods they want to use to get rid of the data. Its interface is quite nice. It doesn’t integrate with the shell or you have to open any program. It adds a new waste bin icon to the desktop. Any file that you drag and drop there is permanently deleted.

The program is also portable so that you can easily carry it around. A great utility to get rid of files permanently.