Close Inactive Windows Tasks with JustCloseSomeTasks


The program may have a long name but it does what it says. It can be used to close some but not all tasks. JustCloseSomeTasks is a utility that you can use to close inactive tasks. It will monitor all your running programs and if you haven’t used any of those programs for some time, the program will get added to the list of program that the utility will kill when you press the hotkey.

You can select the time duration before it decides that a program is inactive. Your programs will be considered inactive if you haven’t clicked on the program or haven’t entered any text if the program is a text editor. You can also open the main program window and select/deselect the tasks. You can close all the tasks quickly by pressing the hotkey. You can select the programs that will be excluded from that session or all sessions.

It is a decent program to monitor and close you inactive programs. It works on almost Windows XP/Vista.

One Comment

  1. I have got to install this at work. There’s a certain point my pc starts running really slowly because of the software we use, and maybe if something could shut down all of the processes that I’m not using, that could speed things up a bit and make my day less frustrating.

    ~ Kristi