Rainlendar – Nice Desktop Calendar


Rainlendar is small Desktop Calendar utility which integrates nicely with your desktop and comes with some nice features. You can fully customize the calendar according to your taste and can also use mix skins to give it a unique look. It uses the standard iCalendar format to store the tasks and events so that they can also be transferred between applications.

You can import and add cool data sets to your calendar like events, public holidays, favorite TV shows etc. Different items will be represented by different icons in the calendar so that you can quickly identify them. A To-Do list and Events list also comes with the calendar. You have the option of placing them wherever you like on your desktop or you can just turn off the ones you don’t need. Just right click on the application to add an event or some tasks.  The calendar also supports one time and recurring events with an optional alarm. Dates that have appointment are automatically highlighted. You can even show multiple calendars at the same time. You can even backup and print your events and to do lists.  You can find a lot of Rainlendar skins on there homepage as well as sites like deviantArt.

Rainlendar lite version is available for free while there is also a paid version that can also synchronize with outlook and Google calendar etc. It is platform independent and can run on Windows and Linux.