Get Information about Remote Windows PC with AdvancedRemoteInfo


AdvancedRemoteInfo is a small utility which allows you to gather detailed information from a remote windows PC in a network. This is quite useful for network administrators and even users who are maintaining a local area network. The information it gather contains information about installed hardware, network configuration, software, printers, files shared, user info etc.

To make use of many of its features, administrative privileges must be needed on the remote machine.  You can also interact with the remote machine to start/stop services, uninstall programs, send messages and even terminate processes. Remote Shutdown of the machine can also be performed and it can also take a screenshot capture of the remote desktop. It also allows you to perform batch operations on many machines at once. The information that it displays can be exported to Excel or HTML format for storing.

It is a freeware and a useful software for network administrators. It works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.