Search For Files on Rapidshare with Rapidstack


Rapidshare is one the best file hosting services available. If you download a lot from Rapidshare, then you must have noticed that many Rapidshare links that you find are either dead or not working. Searching for working links can sometimes take a lot of time. Rapidstack is a real-time Rapidshare search engine. One of its best feature is that it scans the links before they are displayed as results and only working links are displayed.

Just enter the keywords or the filename that you want to search for and hit enter. It searches for links in real-time and displays the result after they have been scanned. It displays the no of Rapidshare links found along with the active and dead ones. It displays the title, the URL and the amount of links found. You can go to the original page or can click “Extract Links” to see the Rapidshare links so that you can directly paste it into any Rapidshare downloader.

It is a great service that will save you a lot of time if you download a lot of files from Rapidshare.


  1. fileonfire says:

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  2. FiFtHeLeMeNt says:

    Nice , Thank you.
    But The Best I found is
    it searches the net in real time.
    I suggest you to add this to your list 😉