Cathy – Free Disk Cataloging Tool


Cathy is a simple and free disk cataloging tool that can be used to index files stored in removable media like CD/DVD, USB drives or hard disks. After the indexing has been done, you can find the information easily. The default search provided by Windows is not up to the standard and if you have lots of data on CD/DVD, then unless it is organized properly, finding the data is tough. Cathy can be used to create searchable catalogs of your disk that can be used without having access to the original media.

Cathy is very small in size and also portable, you can run it directly. The indexing process is quite fast and it took a few seconds to index my DVD. One of the main reasons for its fast indexing is because it indexes the files, its path and information and it does no index the contents of the zip drive or media information. After the indexing has been done, you can search for files based on name, date and size and it also includes special support for mp3 searches. The searching is very fast and you can search multiple catalogs simultaneously. Filtering options are also included in the search and found files can be directly opened or deleted. It can also be used to print mp3 song list and also supports drag and drop support. It is very simple and easy to use.

There are other software like VisualCD, Data Crow which comes with some advanced features but if you are looking for a simple and portable cataloger, Cathy is perfect. It runs on almost all the version of Windows.


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