EditPad Lite – Free Notepad Replacement


I am sure that most of you must not be using Notepad anymore as there are better replacements available. EditPad Lite is also a free editor for Windows and a Notepad replacement. It is small and compact and offers all the features of a text editor. You can open any number of files that you want and you can easily switch between them using tabs. It runs in only one instance so any file that you open will be accessible from a single place.

It has a search and replace function that can work with all the open files at once so you can make changes to a lot of files quickly. It provides unlimited number of undo/redo so that you can undo your changes even after the files have been saved. It has versatile block and clipboard functions and options for moving and copying blocks of text. It can edit any kind of text files, the Linux and Mac ones as well. You can also specify many types of print settings and can preview them using print preview. It also lists the last 16 files opened so that you can quickly open the recent files. You can configure the software according to your own liking. It has some other features as well which makes it an ideal notepad replacement.

The program is free for non commercial use and it runs in almost all the version of Windows.


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  1. Binny V A says:

    I would always recommend Notepad++ for windows users.