RJ TextEd – Unicode Source and Text Editor


RJ TextEd is a free source code and text editor which has Unicode support, syntax highlighting and code folding. It will be quite useful to those who want a simple text editor or for web designers. You can use syntax definition files in order to recognize the keywords, tags, strings and other items that you want highlighted. It is capable of loading and saving ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode big endien files.

It also includes support for common HTML editing features with integrated preview, spell checking and auto completion. The program comes with a dual pane file commander, a FTP client to upload your files and other small things like syntax editor, color picker, char map etc. Some of its features are

  • Code Folding
  • Column Mode
  • HTML Wizards
  • Project Manager
  • HTML validation, format and repair
  • Search with Regular Expression

The program is free and runs on all the version of Windows. A portable version of this application is also available.