Test Computer Programs in Isolated Environment with Returnil Virtual System


The security of the computer is always a threat when it is connected to the Internet. Even if you have the latest and updated Anti Virus, firewall etc, there is still a probability that some that some virus may sneak through as new viruses are discovered daily. Returnil Virtual System provides a new type of protection to your system. It creates a virtual system on your Computer that mirrors the actual system thus allowing you to run applications in isolated environment. So all the things that will happen with your machine will take place in a virtual environment.

You can test any type of software, websites etc using it without the risk of getting infected. Any changes that you make in the virtual environment is removed once you restart the computer and your system goes back to the original state. The program is simple to use. You have the option to create a virtual partition during the installation and you can also set a password to access the program. The virtual partition gives you a way of saving your data when the protection is turned on. You can create a partition of any size. It is a good way to test software or browse websites that might be harmful. But remember that any change you make to the system will be reverted when you restart the computer so you can make any change permanent. The interface is simple and you can start it from the system tray.

If you have a habit of trying out new software, this will be quite useful for you. You can sit comfortably and try the software knowing that no harm can come to your Computer. The program is free for personal use. It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista.