Jaangle – Free Media Player and Organizer


Jaangle is a free music player and organizer with a nice user interface and some good features. It can categorize your mp3, ogg, wma, avi files and will display it in an easy to browse user interface. It can also download, album info, cover art, lyrics etc from the Internet and also comes with an integrated tag editor.

To start, you can add the folders which contains your music files and it automatically scans them to read the tag info. The information appears in a tree like control and you can select an artist to see all his tracks. It automatically downloads artist biography and image from the automatically which is displayed in the information pane. It also downloads covers, lyrics which are also displayed when a song is played. All such information is saved locally so it is available anytime. You can search through the added collections and sort them in many ways. It also keeps track of the songs that you listen to the most and can generate a list based on that. It also comes with a file renamer and an integrated tag editor. You can also rate your songs and it also contains a visualizations. You can also minimize it to a small transparent strip. It also includes some music quiz games and includes a Dj mode.

Though there are several media players in the market, this one has a lot of potential as it is fun to use and has got a nice user interface. It is a freeware and works on Windows XP/Vista.