Manage Sticky Notes on Desktop with iQ-Notes


iQ-Notes is a free software which allows you to place sticky notes on your desktop which can remind of you of things that need to be done. You can even use it to keep a note of random information and other things. If you have notes all over your desk, then you will find this very useful. You can even synchronize the notes with an FTP server so that notes on two computers are always same.

The program sits in the task tray after you have installed it. To create a note, simple double click on the icon and a note will appear. You can create unlimited notes which can be resized and you can even set different background colors for them. You can even password protect some notes to make them private. If you are using multiple computers, the notes can be synchronized between them. You can even set an alarm and display the note when the time comes. Each note can also contain an expense and time tracking functionality. Notes can even be attached to any specific application or web pages or documents. You can even send to notes to other people over the Internet or the network who are using the software. Notes can also be sorted or printed.

A useful software to remind you of certain things. It is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.