Launch Programs with FSL Launcher


There are a lot of program launchers available that can make you launch your files, programs, web pages easily without much effort. FSL Launcher is a free and simple tool using which you can organize your shortcuts in groups so that they can be accessed more easily. Using groups, you will be able to categorize your shortcuts so that they are well organized.

All the groups that you create are accessed via tabs. You can assign a name, path, tool tip info and icons to each shortcut. You can add, edit and delete the groups that you like. It also gives you an option to Backup and restore each groups. It also has a multi user shortcut management feature which means each user of the computer will have its own shortcuts. You can drag and drop shortcuts between groups and if you right click on a shortcut, the Explorer right click menu will open. It even has a button mode in which the icons are shown in a bit compact mode. You can also customize the look of the program by using skins or creating your own.

It is a great software to manage your shortcuts. The program is free but there are some other features which you access if you donate them some money and become a privileged user. The program runs on all the version of Windows.