Make XP Look Like Vista with Transform XP to Vista


Though Windows Vista may soon be a thing of the past as Windows 7 is coming out soon, there are many who still prefer Windows XP for there work. There are a lot of software available for XP to Vista transformation but most of them modify the system files and require a lot of memory. Transform XP To Vista is a freeware tool which can make your Windows XP look like Vista. The package doesn’t mess with any system files and only installs 3 application which gives you the Vista look and feel.

The package comes with

  1. Vista Theme – A Theme developed by Microsoft which transforms Windows XP into Windows Vista
  2. Yahoo Widgets – These widgets make your desktop look beautiful and provide a lot of useful functionalities
  3. Vista Start Menu – Modifies the Windows Start Menu to look like Vista which also provides a lot of useful features

Though it doesn’t provide a lot of things, it is a good choice when you are looking for only basic transformation.



  1. Iproxp says:

    Thanks for this great article. In addition, the best other guides for Windows XP to Windows Vista and Windows 7 Transformation i’ve ever known on WinMatrix for every Windows XP user (thanks to amirz):


    You can find and download many cool stuffs + even some port apps and guides/links there to totally transform and enhance XP like Windows Vista and or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and feature/function! Just FYI. Thanks.

    Long live XP!