Hide Selected Application Windows with Clicky Gone


Clicky Gone is a Window hider application which can hide your active windows from the desktop as well as the taskbar. Suppose you have a lot of windows open on your desktop or taskbar and you want to get rid of some of the windows without closing the application, this toll is great for you. You can even use it to quickly hide any sensitive thing from prying eyes.

You can click and hide the windows by pressing some keyboard keys and left clicking on the title bar of the window. If you want you can toggle all windows to hide and show. To being back the hidden windows, you can also press a key combination that will display a menu which will list all your hidden windows. You can also prevent click hiding of Full Screen application which can include games. It also has a “BOSS Key” which will quickly hide all your open windows as well as mute the sound. Such a thing is quite useful when your having some fun in the office and our boss walks by suddenly.

This is a useful application if you want to unclutter your desktop without closing applications or you want to protect your privacy. The program is a freeware and is also portable. It runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.



  1. That sounds really useful. And LOL on the “BOSS” key.

  2. Nihar says:

    This is a great tool to have. Does it need installation? some offices give a workstation with minimal rights. If the utility can run without installation that would be great.

  3. This app comes in a portable version. Just go to the website and download it then extract the zip file to a new folder and enjoy.

    The portable version requires that MSVC 2008 runtimes are installed on the host computer. A solution to this requirement is still being solved due to manifest issues and the like. The portable version is new to the current release of 1.4.0 and needs testing and feedback.

    Its great to here positive feed back, hope this tool is usefull for some as i have spent so much time on it. 😀