Record Desktop Activity with Screen2Exe


Screen2Exe is a freeware screen recorder application that can be used to capture desktop activity and save it as an executable file. If you want to teach someone how to use a software or how to do a certain task etc, this is a very good software to use. Creating screen casts is a very easy process and involves three steps. The program can capture mouse movements and clicks and also audio comments.


The first step involves recording the Screen cast. Run the application and select the screen capture frame rate and whether to include the microphone audio or not. You can then select the range of area that you want to record by dragging your mouse. Press the “Start Recording” button and the recording will begin. You can pause/resume recording by pressing the F9 key or end the recording by pressing the F10 key. After you have recorded the video you can optimize and edit it. You can remove unnecessary frames, add images, annotations, zoom, delay etc to the recorded screen cast. You can then save the video in EXE format by specifying the output quality. The standalone EXE file ensures that the video can be sent to any computer and can be viewed without requiring any software to be installed. The size can be quite large sometimes.

This is great software to use if you want to record standalone screen casts. A paid version of a similar software is available that lets you save the file in SWF format. It can run on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.



  1. Kikolani says:

    Too bad it doesn’t save in other formats.. I’m looking to create some tutorials for Youtube. I don’t think they allow .exe video types though. Great software for other purposes though.

    ~ Kristi

  2. Wendy Chan says:

    So this software is quite similar with another screen recorder DemoCreator. But DemoCreator can save the output for more formats such as exe, Avi, swf and LMS. And it is with more editing features.

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  4. Too bad it only make .exe for the free version.

    @Kristi – You can try Jing. It allows you to save the video in .swf format, which you could then upload to youtube.