Check the Authenticity of an Image with JPEGsnoop


JPEGsnoop is a freeware that can examine Images and let you know whether it has been altered/edited or not. We see a lot of pictures everyday that have been modified by skilful people and they seem so real that it is difficult to tell whether it is a fake or not. Now thanks to this tool, you can easily tell whether an image has been manipulated or not.

Just load the image in the program and it will read the EXIF data and will show you a wealth of information about the image like the time it was taken, camera used, lens setting etc. It examines the image and compares it against the known compression signatures to see whether it has been edited or altered with desktop editing application like Photoshop etc. It can even tell you whether a software or a digital camera was used to modify the image. You can also report new patterns to the application’s database if it finds something it is unfamiliar with. The program also displays lots of other image related information. If you quickly want to find out whether the image is fake or real, just scroll down to the bottom where you will see the Assessment like “Class 1 – Image is processed/edited” or “Class 3 – Image has high probability of being original”. The program supports a variety of image types like JPG, THM, AVI, PDF, MOV, CRW, CR2 etc.

The program is free as well as portable and works on Windows.



  1. I would definitely need this. I usually take some image as a base and cut copy from various other images to create my own post images. Need to make sure that original tags are removed 😆