Make Your Desktop 3D with Real Desktop

Real Desktop

If you want to completely transform your Desktop and give it a realistic look, then you should give Real Desktop a try. There are a lot of Desktop enhancements tools available but it does something unique. It will transform your Desktop into a 3D space and your icons will turn into physical objects that you can move. It will be just like having a Real Desk in front of you with icons behaving like objects kept on it.

The icons on the desktop will behave just like real physical objects. You can move them, rotate them and when you hit them against one another, they will clink as they crash and move. Even the Recycle bin look like a 3D trash bin and you can pick up the icons and put them into it to delete them. Thanks to the reality physics engine, it will behave like a real desk. One drawback is that you wont be able to use your own wallpaper with it. Though it won’t change the way you are using your Computer, it is fun to have a real desktop. The program will take some resource and requires a decent graphics card.

The Lite version of the program is available for free. The Standard and Professional versions offer more features but they will require you to shell out some cash. It runs on Windows XP/Vista and requires DirectX 9.0 c and decent graphics card.