Manage Your Digital Images with StudioLine Photo Basic

Studio Line Photo

StudioLine Photo Basic is a free image management program that can import photos from your hard disk, scanner and digital cameras and organize them in the database along with other information like Keywords, description and categories. If you have a large collection of images, this will definitely help you.

The program supports popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, RAW, GIF etc. You can also search for images quickly using any combination of system, camera and custom tags. You can also do some editing with your images like Red Eye correction, colour adjustment, exposure setting, crop images etc. It also lets you share your images with other through email or web galleries. You can also backup your collection to a CD/DVD. Some of its other features are

  • A timeline view that organizes images by date
  • Editing Images in RAW format
  • Design editor
  • Transition Effects for Slideshows
  • Loading and Managing Media files
  • Dual Monitor support
  • Expanded Database search

The program is a nice solution if you are looking for an image management software. It is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.