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Lock Windows Applications using Applocker

Applocker is a free Windows Locking software using which you can lock your Applications quickly to prevent access to it. If your system is being used by many people and there are a few software which you don’t want them or your kids to use, you can easily lock them using this utility. Once a […]

Take Screenshots with PrtScr

There are a lot of tools a available for taking screenshots and some are much easy to use than the others. PrtScr is a free screen capturing utility which is very easy to use and is also quite stylish. You can easily capture screenshots of the whole screen or a specified area and save then […]

Get Information about Video Card and GPU with GPU-Z

You all must have heard about the utility called CPU-Z which gives you a lot of information about your Computer System like processor, motherboard, RAM etc. GPU-Z is a similar utility and it gives you information about your Graphics Card or GPU.

Create Image Thumbnail with RightThumb

RightThumb is a free software which can quickly create thumbnails from your images. It comes with right click context menu integration and allows you to quickly create thumbnail from any image files as it supports lots of graphic formats.

Control All Aspects Of your Computer via Keyboard/Mouse using ZenKEY

ZenKEY is a free application which allows you to control almost all the aspects of your Computer System using your keyboard and functions. It enables you to perform a lot of functions using only keystrokes. The program can hold all your shortcuts and components in a single place. It may resemble Start Menu but it […]