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Most of you must be aware about my love for Computer Games. Most of the time, i play a lot of serious and big games but sometimes i do enjoy playing a lot of flash games. These are quite fun to play and can be relaxing as well as addictive. I few days ago, i stumbled across DiggyGames and i have started spending some time there on the flash games available there.

The site provides a good collection of best flash free games available online. All the games are divided into different categories like Action Games, Racing Games, Fighting Games, Sports Games, Shooting Games, Retro Games etc. The site also contains a lot of puzzle games where you can test your skill. Some of the Top Rated games of the sites include Rollercoaster Rush, World’s Hardest Game 1 & 2 and The Impossible Quiz. etc. Many of the games are simple and thrilling and are fun to play. You can even leave comments on the game and interact with other players. The site gets updated almost daily and you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the site so that you remain updated every time a game gets added there. The site also has a Download section where you can download games that you like. Almost a new game is added daily to the download section. The site has a very good collection of flash games available but the look of the site can be made better. If you are looking for some variety of games, check out these classic games which require the use of your mouse skills or check out these Math, Science, Word etc games.

The site has a variety of games which offers a great way to kill time online and have some fun. If you know any more such sites, do mention them in the comments.


  1. Online games are evil. Once you get hooked you’ll not manage to get any work done for the rest of the day – you’ll be just sitting there playing it. And after you finish it you realise that you just wasted the whole day on some pointless game that wasn’t even that entertaining in the first place.