Store Your Password Securely with S10 Password Vault


S10 Password Vault is a freeware password manager that you can use to securely store your usernames and passwords. All the information is stored in a 256 bit AES encrypted database from where you can easily access your username and passwords and use then in Websites and login forms.


The interface of the program is quite simple. In the beginning, you will need to create a Master Password using which you will access your Password Vault. For better security, make the Master Password long and use a mix of upper case, lower case letters and numbers. But do remember it as it cannot be recovered. After that you can add your accounts and passwords to the program which will be stored in an encrypted database. You can organize your accounts in a folder like hierarchy for better organization. You can even specify a website with each account and you can easily launch that website. You can even auto fill your username and passwords on websites using a hotkey. Using the auto fill feature ensures that you are protected from key loggers and the program also protects its own password fields from key loggers by sending decoy keystrokes. It also includes a password generator that can generate long and secure passwords. You can take a backup of your password file or you can configure it to automatically take backup and specified interval. You can also import/export the password file and can print its content.

The program is a freeware and is a good option for storing your username and passwords. Other good options include Keepass and Lastpass. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and requires .Net Framework 2.0.


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  1. I prefer on-line based services like this though. When using those passwords I need to be connected to the internet anyway so it’s just more convinient to use an internet based tool.