Perfect PDF Reader – Nice Alternative to Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader is one of the best PDF Reader around with a lot of features but there are some very good alternatives available as well. Perfect PDF Reader is a good alternative to Adobe Reader with a lot of useful features and a nice interface.

One of the things i liked about it is the interface. It has got a nice looking ribbon interface similar to what we have seen in Office 2007. It offers three types of views for a PDF document which are ‘Standard view’, ‘Reading view’ and ‘Full Screen’ view. It also allows you to fill, save and send PDF forms and work with Digital Signatures. The PDF files can exported as plain text or you can also export each page as an image files with different resolution and in a number of format. This is quite a useful functionality. You can also extract text and images from the PDF file easily. It also includes search functions with a lot of options. You can even send the PDF file by email.

The program is a freeware and runs on Windows. It also requires Visual C++ 2008 runtimes to work.

One Comment

  1. Kikolani says:

    Being able to fill in the forms and save them is a definite plus. Hopefully it loads a lot faster than reader does on slower connections too.

    ~ Kristi