Monitor Your System for Changes with MJ Registry Watcher


MJ Registry Watcher is a small and free application that can monitor your start up folders, start up registry keys etc for any changes. Most of the Trojans or other malwares that infect your system generally make changes to these types of folders. The program safeguards your important files and registry locations and will alert you instantly if anything has been changed.

It offers several security presets that you can set ranging from light to highest. You can set the polling interval which can range between 0 – 9999. If any Trojan or other malwares attempts to make changes to these folders, you will be instantly alerted. If you want, the program can also send alerts by email to alert someone. It is highly configured so you can specify which keys and files are monitored. By default, it will monitor some of the important registry keys. It will prompt you in case of any alerts and you can configure it to reject any such changes to the registry by default. It also includes features to Backup selected items, search for particular keys by keywords or exclude certain files and extensions from being monitored. The program also maintains a log of all the alerts and security threats.

The program is a freeware and runs on all the version of Windows.