Record Screen Activity Online with ScreenToaster


ScreenToaster is a free web based screen recording application that requires no installation and can record your full screen activity with sound. There are a lot of desktop application which can also record screen activity but this is quite helpful when you are sitting in a cyber cafe or somewhere and you don’t have permission to install any software.

You just have to open the web page, press the Record button and the program will open a java applet that will record anything happening on your desktop with Video as well as Audio. It can also record video with Web cam and audio from microphone. The videos are high quality and you can also add subtitles. After the video is recorded, it is automatically online and is available for sharing online or embedding in websites. You can also directly upload videos to Youtube HD and can even download it in .Mov format for editing. You can also download videos in SWF format and share it via several social bookmarking websites.

The program requires Java Runtime Environment and can run on almost any OS that supports Java. Which screen recording application do you use ?


  1. Vijay says:

    I use screentoaster so often. Especially when I am using other PCs or laptops, this helps me a lot.

  2. Thanks man. I didn’t know about this one 😉

  3. Syahid A says:

    This should be useful for me in the future. Thanks for the heads up man!