Get A Detailed Report of Hardware and Software Installed on Computer with WinAudit


WinAudit is a freeware which will allow you to perform a detailed Audit of the hardware and software configuration of your Computer. It will perform a detailed scan of your PC and will generate a report containing detailed information about your Computer such as hardware, network settings, display adapters, installed software, drives etc.

The utility will summarize all the aspects of your Computer ranging from installed software to memory usage, running programs, Groups and Users, Security etc. If you are not interested in seeing such a detailed report, you can select a category from the left and can view information about that particular stuff. The program took around a minute to Audit my machine. You can even select the categories which you want to include in the Audit Report. The report can be Printed, Emailed or saved as HTML, PDF, CSV, XML etc or can exported to a database in different languages.

The program requires no installation. Just download the exe file and run it. The program is also portable and you can carry it in the USB drive. It works on almost all the version of Windows.



  1. Kikolani says:

    This is perfect for my job. They did move the download file… I got it from here:

    ~ Kristi

  2. @Kristi
    Thanks for pointing it out